Release Innocent Witches 0.1F

Jealous Rojella comes back to port once again! And while it is a bit later than we have planned and usually we post closed news around this time, we have some loot to share with all of you. This release marks the end of the Summer season, and with that the active development of Sonya, from now own we will only build on top of the already integrated mechanics.

Today you will finally get your hands on the final version of 0.1, 0.1f, which is the finalised version of 0.1A with few additions. The major highlight of the new version is the companion system, Sonya. You had a chance to learn about her from previous news releases, and now you will be able to get some hands on experience. So, just what exactly is Sonya:

  1. Charming companion with customizable looks.
  2. Who can provide general descriptions elements, places and chapters of our universe.
  3. Detailed description of in game mechanics.
  4. Knowledge system, that gets updated as you advance through the game.
  5. Wardrobe, with comments from our companion.
  6. Customisable level of assistance from our companion.

Planned features, that aren’t fully implemented yet:

  1. Unfinished descriptions and flags for certain mechanics.
  2. Missing hints for the walkthrough,
  3. Second page in the wardrobe that will contain clothes that would occupy two or more slots.
  4. Due to limited clothing, the level system hasn’t been activated.
  5. As such, all 4 functions tied to levelling are blocked for now.
  6. Pre-sets are not available, due to limited clothing options.
  7. Missing information on some characters and items.
  8. Incorrect visuals for some of the tutorial bits.

For those who have tried previous test version, short change log)

  1. Added carried dialogue for Sonya when using the wardrobe mode.
  2. Changed the visuals of tutorial screens.
  3. Pages with information aren’t separate pages anymore, but scrollable lists with anchoring buttons.
  4. Added special look for Sonya. (With help from TenchiMuyo1984)
  5. Even more music and sound effects have been added.
  6. Squashed many bugs.

To get your hands on Sonya and updated branches of Luna and Susan, follow the link below.

And with that, we shift our focus to advancing the story. Don’t forget to leave your review of the latest version. While we prepare supplies for our next voyage. The estimate dates for Autumn release will be published later. Don’t forget to check the horizon!



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