Release 0.2F

Good time of the day everyone! This time our ship comes to port with good news and some nice booty. This is Sad Crab team and it is time for long awaited 0.2F release.

We had to delay the public release almost by two weeks, but that allowed us to include all that we wanted, and would allow us take a few months until the next public release. Following is the short list of what this version will include:

1. Continuation of waifu branches (for all the heroines)(10 new types of swimsuits!)
2. Finished the 4th chapter.
3. Added significant number of clothes for Sonya.
4. Added level mechanic for Sonya.
5. Added hints for the swimsuit quest.
6. Added a small quest for Filch access.
7. Added secondary objectives tracking in the journal.
8. Added continuation of Ginny.
9. Added a mini game in Ginny branch.
10. Continuation of the quest with Nola.
11. Rework of the body and clothes for Daphne.
12. Updates to the Luna dream branch.
13. Updated first encounter with Helena.
14. Added new achievements.
15. Added Hagrid encounter.
16. Added emotions for Helena and Auriel.
17. Mistakes fixed in dead end for swimsuits.
18. Bugs fixed.
19. Another pile of smaller polishing touches.
20. Bugs added.
21. Further text editing.

For time being, we continue to work with closed testing. Next stage – end of the act and main events branch beginning. And further secondary events.

We also give a start to story competition. Best stories will make it into the game, and winners will get some nice bonuses. You can read the rules on our discord channel:

And with that we leave you, don’t forget to write a review. They help us with development and future direction. Time to set sail once again. Don’t forget to check the horizon!



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