All aboard!

Hey-ho, ground-dwelling crabs!

I welcome all the brave sailors, who decided to conquer the seas onboard of Rogella with us. Our crew is pleased to see each sailor who stays onboard with us during these dark times. But even those who just wave to us from the port, still have our gratitude: the thought that your adventure will bring happiness to thousands of town’s citizens, who wait for our return, makes this voyage truly exciting. During this expedition, we will visit many shores, where you will meet with my crewmates, who saw and participated in many unimaginable events, which you would not believe unless you emptied as many rum bottles with them as I did.

For now, our sights are set on Britain. A friend of mine, whom we will visit in prison, told me that there are many of those, whom any man will gladly take on his ship. And that is not the only trophy we plan on capturing during our expedition. There will be enough grog and women for everyone!

My dear friend, with whose menagerie I sometimes have to spend my time, will tell you a tale about his tragic fate, it also will involve the source of all our troubles – women. We have already set sail and soon will arrive at shores of his prison. But be patient and get used to the pitching and rolling: as our trip is as promising as it is dangerous. My precious Rogella promises us a fair wind. And as always I see no reason not to trust her.

Full speed ahead!

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