1.6 and 0.0.1 RELEASE


Well, crabs, this day has finally come. Today, closer to midnight (every additional hour we have, allows us to polish the game), on our web-site, forum and tracker we will publish our teaser for “Innocent Witches”. We have not told you about it previously because it is not an actual game release and we are not seeing a reason to make a celebration out of it. Anyway, it is our first release. Our strong advice is to only play it if you have doubts about our project. If you can wait we would recommend to wait until completed 0.1 version.

Release of the teaser also marks the start of a testing season. Following two months we will release following acts of the story in a testing mode, as soon as the level of the game will satisfy our standards, all acts will be compiled together in the version 0.1 and only after that will release the game to the public.

All the wishes are already taken into account, some things will change during the testing, others will be delayed to be developed further in the future. You will also see some roughness from time to time. Let us assure you that at this stage it is impossible to do it some other way, or we are already working at the issue.

Also we would like to remind you, that chibis will only stay for the first release. In the future we are planning on using other king of graphics. That will not affect 1.6 version, that will also be release with the teaser. It will not be affected by the changes in our game. We made some additions to the original to make the end of it more logical and it will no longer be developed any further. With the exception of bug fixes.

We are aware of your wishes and trying to manage your expectations. So that we can avoid the situation, where people who played through the teaser, spoil the story to the rest, the discussion of the plot and the game will only be allowed in specially created threads. There will be a few: one for discussion, for your wishes and for the questions.

We hope, that our work was not in vain, and that we have managed to present you our story the way you liked to see and hear it.



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