1.6 and 0.0.1 RELEASE


Well, crabs, this day has finally come. Today, closer to midnight (every additional hour we have, allows us to polish the game), on our web-site, forum and tracker we will publish our teaser for “Innocent Witches”. We have not told you about it previously because it is not an actual game release and we are not seeing a reason to make a celebration out of it. Anyway, it is our first release. Our strong advice is to only play it if you have doubts about our project. If you can wait we would recommend to wait until completed 0.1 version.

Release of the teaser also marks the start of a testing season. Following two months we will release following acts of the story in a testing mode, as soon as the level of the game will satisfy our standards, all acts will be compiled together in the version 0.1 and only after that will release the game to the public.

All the wishes are already taken into account, some things will change during the testing, others will be delayed to be developed further in the future. You will also see some roughness from time to time. Let us assure you that at this stage it is impossible to do it some other way, or we are already working at the issue.

Also we would like to remind you, that chibis will only stay for the first release. In the future we are planning on using other king of graphics. That will not affect 1.6 version, that will also be release with the teaser. It will not be affected by the changes in our game. We made some additions to the original to make the end of it more logical and it will no longer be developed any further. With the exception of bug fixes.

We are aware of your wishes and trying to manage your expectations. So that we can avoid the situation, where people who played through the teaser, spoil the story to the rest, the discussion of the plot and the game will only be allowed in specially created threads. There will be a few: one for discussion, for your wishes and for the questions.

We hope, that our work was not in vain, and that we have managed to present you our story the way you liked to see and hear it.



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  1. thatguy says:

    It’s a good thing tonight is my night off. Thanks for the hard work guys.

  2. Hrafn says:

    Is it possible to switch Innocent Witches to English? If so, how?

  3. Charlie says:

    Amazing game, One of a kind, how do you get the “true” ending in 1.6

  4. Litvan says:

    I know you guys have MORE than enough work to do already.. But was wondering if there’ll be an apk version of 1.6 out eventually?

  5. Zike says:

    I don’t get it, will you have to be a donator in order to play the full game once it releases or will it be free like the original witch trainer? BTW your game looks great.

  6. dreck says:

    whats the install steps?

  7. moon man says:

    Had a bitching fap to this shit. Great job fam

  8. Hellwookie says:

    Can’t get daphne to show up

  9. Strictler says:

    i’m preety dissapointed about 1.6 …
    daphne dont start the dialouge for the training and the newspaper stuff didnt even appear … my savegame got coruppted which ended in crashes …

    please hurry with innocent witches and make it more detailed and bigger than witchtrainer
    girls from all 4 houses and more pervy quests ^^

  10. Vladpryde says:

    So just to confirm, because I’m kinda new at all of this (just found WT for the first time in July), Innocent Witches 0.0.1 is just a demo, and nothing more, correct?

  11. Max says:

    I switched the 1.6 version to English and it worked fine up until I was training Daphne. Some of her text has changed to Russian and I don’t know how to advance her story any further because of it. I have screenshots of the text here. http://imgur.com/a/FX2rD

    Every time She speaks to me now, it’s the same conversation and I have no idea what she wants.

    • Vladpryde says:

      Hey Max, how do I train Daphne? How did you end up there?

      I got the letter from Greengrass’ family, and Snape sent me her profile by owl post. Is she going to meet up with me later in the game, or does it depend on how I play the game? And if so, what do I need to do to unlock her?

      I’m playing version 1.6 with the cheats enabled. I’ve read all the books, and I’m writing news articles. I’m working on trying to get Hermione in the mood, but I’m not sure what level I’m on. In private, she’s showing me her tits, but nothing else. In public, she won’t flash her tits to the boys yet. And Gryffindor points are not yet up to 1,000 (if that matters).

      I’ve tried reading the tutorials on the forums, but it’s like trying to decipher a Russian-interpreted wall of text with no paragraph spacing. It’s confusing the hell out of me.

      Do I just need to stay patient? Or do I need to do something different?


      • Max says:

        Hey, Vladpryde. I can walk you through the steps you need to take.

        Since you already have the profile from Snape, you now need to talk to Hermione about Daphne to begin the training.

        You need Hermione’s perversion to be at least 12 and for her to be in a good mood first or else she will get angry with you and leave. You can check her perversion level by clicking the hat above the cupboard. To increase it, buy favours from her or use the cheats.

        Once Hermione’s perversion level is 12, you need to buy perfume from Dahr’s Oddities. Spray the perfume in the room and then summon Hermione. She will ask you about it; give it to her and she will be in a good mood.

        At this point, choose to chit chat with her and you will see this http://i.imgur.com/opfbh1H.png

        After you have talked to Hermione, Daphne will come to you two days later to begin her training.

        I hope that helps you and if it doesn’t, let me know and I’ll provide more details.

        • Vladpryde says:

          Dude, you are awesome! Thanks Max!

          Hermione’s perversion is at level 6 right now, if I remember correctly. Got a ways to go.

          By the way, how do I spray the perfume around the room? Will there be an option for that action once I hit level 12?

          • Max says:

            You’re welcome, man.

            You can cheat to raise her perversion by using the “help” menu, but her perversion goes up quite fast so you don’t need to.

            For the perfume, click on the cupboard, choose “items” “your possessions” and then assuming you’ve bought it “perfume” it will automatically be sprayed.

          • Vladpryde says:

            Yeah, I’ve already bought the perfume, thanks!

            This seems a lot easier than I thought! 😀

    • Brandon says:

      how did you switched the 1.6 version to English

    • Vladpryde says:

      Hey max, I did translate some of the text (though not the text in your picture). I didn’t take a screenshot of it, sorry. But it occures when all of Daphne’s tasks are done, and you invite her back into the office. After you greet her, it goes to Russian. I translated it roughly as this:

      “Confront, remember the last time you have agreed to teach me that I had the opportunity to try… you kindly agreed”

      It was the SINGLE biggest pain in my ass that I’ve had to do all year. Fuck me, I do NOT envy interpreters. The Russian language is psychotic to the eye.

      If you want to give it a go, check out this:


      Click on the little grey keyboard symbol in the left box, and it should come up with a keyboard. To find the language, click on the upper left language selector on the keyboard until you see a language (it’s not in English, and the site managers should be shot for this) that starts with “Pycc”-with two backwards “N”.

      Then type in your text and find out what she’s saying.

      Fuck whoever screwed this bug up. I gotta say guys, for a new version of this game, the language fucking sucks. There’s errors all over the place. I mean, granted, we don’t play it to learn spelling, but come on now. It took me 45 minutes to translate one sentence. We shouldn’t have to do that. Don’t release the game until the bugs are worked out.

      Good luck Max. Sorry, I just don’t have the energy to translate your picture. If I didn’t translate this sentence, it was going to drive me fucking nuts. As it is, I’m keeping the page open in case I have to translate something else too.

      Take care.

    • Vladpryde says:

      Max, I’ve translated the rest of this the best that I can:

      The second translation in this encounter (conversation) reads roughly this:

      “So here, professor, after your classes I have been advanced and with each time I have instances all better and better! Yes and the guys were happy! You know, this is so encouraging!”

      The third translation in this encounter reads roughly this:

      “It is true, sir! First I simply trained very, bearing in mind the need to win the competition. But I soon realized that I like this. Not even just love, I speak again fully captured!”

      When you click the screen, Daphne continues speaking, and the 4th translation reads roughly this:

      “You know, professor, thanks to you I knew their vocation! I you so grateful! The aristocratic Education adopted in our family, did not give me to see this side of life. (can also read “did not give me to see the inventive approach toward life” depending on what “3” symbol you select).”

      Click on the screen again, and Daphne continues speaking, translated roughly as this:

      “And now I clearly see that I дрочить (masturbate/to jerk off) guys to do this as you can better and more! Yes and not only дрочить (masturbate/to jerk off), perhaps…I thank you, Sir!”

      After the Genie asks Daphne if she wants to become a slut, the translation is roughly this:

      “Professor, why so flagrantly?! I have the same not what- something грязнокровка (mudblood)! Simply I speak again like, yes. Each of us can be the innocent weakness.”

      After Genie says “masturbate is not an innocent trait” (or something to this effect), Daphne speaks, and is roughly translated like this:

      “Professor, Be not ханжой (bigoted?) as all this aristocracy. I speak to you directly and frankly. What is bad in that people receive the pleasure of communicating with me?”

      Tap the screen, and her next statement is translated as roughly this:

      “I believe, give the guys happiness – my vocation [calling]! Now all my previous life seems to me a solid hypocritical. damn boring hypocritical, I would said. And this competition…”

      Click the screen again, and she continues roughly this:

      “I am sorry, Sir, it may be that this would violate your plans, but I it is not interesting. Tell and you do not intend to organize a contest on дрочке (masturbation/to jerk off)?”

      After Genie says “Masturbation contest”, Daphne says roughly this:

      “yes, sir, I understand in Hogwarts Time this is impossible. In this and the problem. Even normal дрочка (masturbation) is already causing complexity. It once walk along the corridor with traces of sperm on clothing.”

      Tap the screen, and she continues:

      “I think that in Hogwarts Time I will not be able to do this as often as I would like to. rumours inevitably will, yes and the contingent of guys here is very limited. In a couple of months will not remain one of the new.”

      Genie: (yes, that is a real problem, poor thing)

      Daphne, translated: “As well as outside the school of my invocation [calling] inevitably know my parents. and professor, they me not understand!”

      Genie: “What changes are you talking about? Do you even care about such insignificant things anymore?”

      Daphne, translated: “Understand, Sir…i now clearly see that all of this aristocratic life – hustle, not affecting me. but my parents, Sir…

      Daphne, continued, translated (at this point, I switched to using Google as my translator, which took longer, but was more clear and concise about what she was saying:

      “Unfortunately , they still live in the boring world of grand banquets and receptions , this was too late to change anything . I think if they find out about my … uh … calling , they [will be] greatly upset.”

      Sorry, I know this is long, and some of it doesn’t make sense. But that was the best I could do with the translation. If I run into anymore, I’ll post it here.

      And you can pay me with loli and shotacon porn. XD

    • Vladpryde says:

      More translation:

      After the Genie asks her “what would your parents think if you disappeared”, she replies:

      “so that the light in what could not blame them . in short, not much would be upset – in their circle of reputation is more important , and in this case it would not be affected.”

      Then she’s given a broom by the Genie, and flies away.

      Not sure if there’s more Russian words after this, but I’ll translate them if they come up.

  12. Bloopy says:

    Hello team, fantastic job done on bringing us these translations of Akabur’s Witch Trainer!
    Could you tell us what software it is based upon? I would love to present a Witch Trainer 1.7, to clean up the many spelling errors, syntax, and make available content which is not yet finished.

  13. mascal says:

    Really nice job guys, all my respects fot you! :]

    One question, will be this game in spanish? I really hope so but anyway Its fantastic.

  14. bobdark says:

    Is there a full pic of that drawing with Hermione and the cat?

    • Vladpryde says:

      Yes there is. Unfortunately, I can’t find a link, and I didn’t save it when I saw it, otherwise I’d post it here for you. And I can’t remember where I saw it. I wanna say it’s on the forum somewhere; either Akabur’s forum or this one.

      Sorry, wish I could be more help. But yes, there is a full picture out there. It’s very sexy.

      • bobdark says:

        Good find on the picture. Looks great.

        Seeing as innocent witches isn’t gonna be out for a while, do you know any other good trainer type games?

        • Vladpryde says:

          I wish I did, my friend. I think you could try (if you haven’t already) “Princess Trainer 2.03 Gold Edition” (I have the game, but haven’t played it yet), or the old editions of “Bitch Trainer”, which is a combination game with both “Witch Trainer” and “Princess Trainer”. Those are the old editions of the game, but with that version of “Witch Trainer”, there’s options and scenes that aren’t in future versions.

          Just see if you can google “Bitch Trainer” and see what comes up. I downloaded it a few weeks ago, but I’m busy at the moment, and I can’t go back and look where I got it from.

          Sorry, wish I could be more help. I just found out about these games for the first time back in July, so I’m not completely up to date on all of them.

  15. MisterK says:

    Короче, поковырял я ваш архив. Обещанного контента с фениксом не нашел. Ещё намешано разного материала из новой и старой игры, но это не проблема. С ПИМНИТ вообще под столом. Луну красиво нарисовали.

    Народ хочет феникса!

  16. Razzgrizz says:

    Hey Guys,

    I am trying to download both innocent witches and witch trainer through mega but when I download them it say after 100% complete failed-no file. any way to fix this?

  17. mjm says:

    Training Daphne is stuck at, ‘I’m in no rush we can do this later’. How do I get her to actually begin training?

  18. anzi says:

    Is there ever going to be any version of this game that finishes Daphne’s story?

  19. Chris says:

    When will there be another update for Innocent Witches – Demo/alpha? – Will it be for patreons/donators only? 🙂

  20. Guy says:

    Hey everyone! Why am I unable to run either app on my pc nor mac?

    I get the message “Could not execute” when I try to run the file. Thank!

  21. Nave13579 says:

    Hi there, I joined the forum but am unable to post. Could a mod please grant me access? Thanks!

  22. Lehenry says:

    so… i am playing with trainer 1.6 now and have come as far that you get a letter after “talking” with the bird/phoenix.
    and now there is this riddle which i can’t seem to solve, is there anything more to it?

  23. kakoon says:

    will innocent witches keep the chibi animations?or will you remove them?

  24. skrxxxl says:

    Played through the Witch Trainer. You guys have done a great job. Hoping the new project goes quickly!

  25. Steven says:

    Awesome job guys. Such an amazing game. Something so simple yet so entertaining. Wound up playing for hours. Any chance of getting an “Americanized” version? Something about the British slang kinda throws me off. Knickers, twat, etc etc. I was playing 1.2 version that I got from a friend that I thought was the final version lol. It had more American language. I don’t know if it was edited like that or the creator just updated later since it is set in England.

  26. Anything_Random says:

    It doesn’t work on mac when I click open the icon appears for millisecond then closes, I’m on an administrator account.

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