Release 0.2F

Good time of the day everyone! This time our ship comes to port with good news and some nice booty. This is Sad Crab team and it is time for long awaited 0.2F release.

We had to delay the public release almost by two weeks, but that allowed us to include all that we wanted, and would allow us take a few months until the next public release. Following is the short list of what this version will include:

1. Continuation of waifu branches (for all the heroines)(10 new types of swimsuits!)
2. Finished the 4th chapter.
3. Added significant number of clothes for Sonya.
4. Added level mechanic for Sonya.
5. Added hints for the swimsuit quest.
6. Added a small quest for Filch access.
7. Added secondary objectives tracking in the journal.
8. Added continuation of Ginny.
9. Added a mini game in Ginny branch.
10. Continuation of the quest with Nola.
11. Rework of the body and clothes for Daphne.
12. Updates to the Luna dream branch.
13. Updated first encounter with Helena.
14. Added new achievements.
15. Added Hagrid encounter.
16. Added emotions for Helena and Auriel.
17. Mistakes fixed in dead end for swimsuits.
18. Bugs fixed.
19. Another pile of smaller polishing touches.
20. Bugs added.
21. Further text editing.

For time being, we continue to work with closed testing. Next stage – end of the act and main events branch beginning. And further secondary events.

We also give a start to story competition. Best stories will make it into the game, and winners will get some nice bonuses. You can read the rules on our discord channel:

And with that we leave you, don’t forget to write a review. They help us with development and future direction. Time to set sail once again. Don’t forget to check the horizon!



Happy New Year!!! (some news and gift!)

And so this year is coming to its end. We would like to wish happy holidays to all of our players! This has been full of events. We have changed our development cycle, released more test version than ever before and even managed a few public releases. And so it is time for the finale news update of this year. This is Sad Crab team, let’s get started.

This year four major things have happened. First – we have implemented fully-interactive and animated erotic scene in our game. We wanted to show how we see that type of gameplay in our game. And the choice had fallen on Minerva. And with improvisation and ingenuity we have given birth to that infamous scene. While it wasn’t perfect, it helped us identify what to keep and what we needed to improve. And so next time we can bravely experiment with a more”popular” character.

Second – our in-game guide. We have planned to implement her for a long time, and it required truly enormous amount of new mechanics, as beside just simple help, it also provides some entertainment value. One of such things is the wardrobe, for the time being we have introduced a number of elements, enough for basic idea p, but we plan to introduce even more elements in the future. Also, the way we have implemented wardrobe for Sonya, allows for much modding from end user, in case any of you are interested in that kind of thing.

Third – interface finalization. We have worked a long time to develop proper engine and look for what is essentially a core of all gameplay in any game. With your reviews and advice we hope we managed to build something quite unique and comfortable to use. As always, there is room to improve, but even in its current form interface does a good job.

Fourth – and maybe the main accomplishment, is the change to the development cycle itself. Finally introducing a much more rigid development schedule and streamlining the overall process. It had to be done with the growth of our team. And while it has been, for the most part, successful, there is still much we can do with our work with community and the releases of test versions. But the first steps had been taken.

We have also continued our work on the story. After the New Year we plan to release another public version, that will finish the chapter and set our course forward. Plans for the coming year are drawn up and we don’t plan to stop any time soon. See you next year!

P.S. We know many of you wanted to get your hands on the public version before the end of the year, but we still need to do some final polishing, but since you had behaving yourself good, we have decided to treat you to a surprise… As we have mentioned before, we plan to implant a number of mini games in our game… And now you have an opportunity to download one of them on your computer or mobile device. Yes, it is another experiment of ours… without further ado… “New Year patrol”. More info inside the mini game. And with that we are finally departing! Don’t forget to check the horizon!




Release Innocent Witches 0.1F

Jealous Rojella comes back to port once again! And while it is a bit later than we have planned and usually we post closed news around this time, we have some loot to share with all of you. This release marks the end of the Summer season, and with that the active development of Sonya, from now own we will only build on top of the already integrated mechanics.

Today you will finally get your hands on the final version of 0.1, 0.1f, which is the finalised version of 0.1A with few additions. The major highlight of the new version is the companion system, Sonya. You had a chance to learn about her from previous news releases, and now you will be able to get some hands on experience. So, just what exactly is Sonya:

  1. Charming companion with customizable looks.
  2. Who can provide general descriptions elements, places and chapters of our universe.
  3. Detailed description of in game mechanics.
  4. Knowledge system, that gets updated as you advance through the game.
  5. Wardrobe, with comments from our companion.
  6. Customisable level of assistance from our companion.

Planned features, that aren’t fully implemented yet:

  1. Unfinished descriptions and flags for certain mechanics.
  2. Missing hints for the walkthrough,
  3. Second page in the wardrobe that will contain clothes that would occupy two or more slots.
  4. Due to limited clothing, the level system hasn’t been activated.
  5. As such, all 4 functions tied to levelling are blocked for now.
  6. Pre-sets are not available, due to limited clothing options.
  7. Missing information on some characters and items.
  8. Incorrect visuals for some of the tutorial bits.

For those who have tried previous test version, short change log)

  1. Added carried dialogue for Sonya when using the wardrobe mode.
  2. Changed the visuals of tutorial screens.
  3. Pages with information aren’t separate pages anymore, but scrollable lists with anchoring buttons.
  4. Added special look for Sonya. (With help from TenchiMuyo1984)
  5. Even more music and sound effects have been added.
  6. Squashed many bugs.

To get your hands on Sonya and updated branches of Luna and Susan, follow the link below.

And with that, we shift our focus to advancing the story. Don’t forget to leave your review of the latest version. While we prepare supplies for our next voyage. The estimate dates for Autumn release will be published later. Don’t forget to check the horizon!



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Witch Trainer RE 1.6F released !

Good day, everyone! Time for a surprise middle-of-the-week news update!

We finished working on the 1.6!

And so…

Witch Trainer Russian Edition 1.6F.

*Complete and thorough bug fix, that went through multiple waves of rigorous testing.

*Removed logical loopholes.

*Finished and edited English translation.

*Removed all the unnecessary code (that wasn’t used in the game).

Now, as we have finished our work on this project, we can fully focus on our game, Innocent Witches.

Pornolab (Win/Mac/Linux + Android)
Mega (Win/Mac/Linux)

Despite us officially ending support for this project, we are ready to provide our support in adding new translations to the game. Please, feel free to attempt to translate, if you want to. You will find the archive with the files for the translation, by following this link . It says English, but all you have to do is to replace the English sentences in files with the sentences in the language of your choosing. All the work needed to properly incorporate your translation into the game will be done by our team.

Link for the archive

1.6 and 0.0.1 RELEASE


Well, crabs, this day has finally come. Today, closer to midnight (every additional hour we have, allows us to polish the game), on our web-site, forum and tracker we will publish our teaser for “Innocent Witches”. We have not told you about it previously because it is not an actual game release and we are not seeing a reason to make a celebration out of it. Anyway, it is our first release. Our strong advice is to only play it if you have doubts about our project. If you can wait we would recommend to wait until completed 0.1 version.

Release of the teaser also marks the start of a testing season. Following two months we will release following acts of the story in a testing mode, as soon as the level of the game will satisfy our standards, all acts will be compiled together in the version 0.1 and only after that will release the game to the public.

All the wishes are already taken into account, some things will change during the testing, others will be delayed to be developed further in the future. You will also see some roughness from time to time. Let us assure you that at this stage it is impossible to do it some other way, or we are already working at the issue.

Also we would like to remind you, that chibis will only stay for the first release. In the future we are planning on using other king of graphics. That will not affect 1.6 version, that will also be release with the teaser. It will not be affected by the changes in our game. We made some additions to the original to make the end of it more logical and it will no longer be developed any further. With the exception of bug fixes.

We are aware of your wishes and trying to manage your expectations. So that we can avoid the situation, where people who played through the teaser, spoil the story to the rest, the discussion of the plot and the game will only be allowed in specially created threads. There will be a few: one for discussion, for your wishes and for the questions.

We hope, that our work was not in vain, and that we have managed to present you our story the way you liked to see and hear it.



All aboard!

Hey-ho, ground-dwelling crabs!

I welcome all the brave sailors, who decided to conquer the seas onboard of Rogella with us. Our crew is pleased to see each sailor who stays onboard with us during these dark times. But even those who just wave to us from the port, still have our gratitude: the thought that your adventure will bring happiness to thousands of town’s citizens, who wait for our return, makes this voyage truly exciting. During this expedition, we will visit many shores, where you will meet with my crewmates, who saw and participated in many unimaginable events, which you would not believe unless you emptied as many rum bottles with them as I did.

For now, our sights are set on Britain. A friend of mine, whom we will visit in prison, told me that there are many of those, whom any man will gladly take on his ship. And that is not the only trophy we plan on capturing during our expedition. There will be enough grog and women for everyone!

My dear friend, with whose menagerie I sometimes have to spend my time, will tell you a tale about his tragic fate, it also will involve the source of all our troubles – women. We have already set sail and soon will arrive at shores of his prison. But be patient and get used to the pitching and rolling: as our trip is as promising as it is dangerous. My precious Rogella promises us a fair wind. And as always I see no reason not to trust her.

Full speed ahead!